Aug 5th, '07, 23:08
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Why tea gets bitter after over-steeping?

by Raular » Aug 5th, '07, 23:08

What is the reason tea gets bitter when the brewing time is exceeded? what is the physical- chemical explanation?

Aug 6th, '07, 19:48
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Contact: sowens

by sowens » Aug 6th, '07, 19:48

Tea gets bitter when over-steeping because after about 5 minutes, tanni is released which not only makes the tea bitter, but counteracts the effects of caffeine and theophylline

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Aug 6th, '07, 21:15
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by Mary R » Aug 6th, '07, 21:15

Actually, tea doesn't really have true tannin in it. Rather, the astringency in tea is due to catechins and various other flavonoids. Both catechins and tannins are polyphenolic compounds, but are otherwise chemically unique.

As far as the exact chemical reasons for why tea tastes very bitter after a long steep, I do not know. However, the question has piqued me enough to research it out. Thanks!

In the mean time, you can add some auditory ambiance to your ruined cup by listening to The Fiery Furnaces' 2006 album, Bitter Tea.

Aug 6th, '07, 21:29
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by Raular » Aug 6th, '07, 21:29

Hi Steven and Mary thanks for your answer.
When tou get the explanation please let me know. I am sure thereis some chemistry behind it.

Aug 7th, '07, 00:32
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by Raular » Aug 7th, '07, 00:32

According to tea has some tannin.

Aug 7th, '07, 00:37
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by Raular » Aug 7th, '07, 00:37

But according to tea extracts have been reported to contain [u]no[/u] tannin.Oh boy I'm getting confused!

Aug 7th, '07, 00:43
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by Raular » Aug 7th, '07, 00:43

Ok now I get it there is a difference btween tannins and tannic acid

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