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Aug 15th, '07, 12:41
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tea geography

by snowwhite » Aug 15th, '07, 12:41

The more I get into tea the more I find myself learning the names of far away Chinese provinces. I was thinking today that I'd love to have a world tea map showing where different teas come from. It would make for a nice thing to hang on the wall or a nice desktop image. I found one at Harney & Sons, it's pretty but I can't read it. This other one is kind of unattractive and only China. The Green Tea Map has wonderful info. Does this exist? Does anyone have a link to a pretty world tea map?

http://www.chinesetea.biz/chinese-tea-p ... ea-map.jpg



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Aug 15th, '07, 13:05
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by xine » Aug 15th, '07, 13:05

sounds like a splendid idea!

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Aug 15th, '07, 14:09
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by Eastree » Aug 15th, '07, 14:09

I know I'd buy one if I found it (for a reasonable price? xD) But definitely ....
xine wrote:sounds like a splendid idea!

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Aug 16th, '07, 13:20
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by Tony » Aug 16th, '07, 13:20

If you provide the info you want on it, I can cook something up for you. :)

(let's start with china.)

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