Tea Snacks!

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Sep 20th, '07, 11:55
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Tea Snacks!

by fencerdenoctum » Sep 20th, '07, 11:55

Tea is wonderful by itself make no mistake. I was just curious what types of delicious snacks my fellow tea chatters partake in when enjoying a cup o' tea.

I prefer Girl Scout Shortbread cookies (trefoils here in KY) or something along those lines. A good English style biscuit with chocolate is quite nice as well.

Greens, whites, and oolongs I'm not sure what would go well with them so I stick to snacking with the black teas.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman

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Sep 20th, '07, 12:02
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by Samovar » Sep 20th, '07, 12:02

I enjoy drinking tea with scones, cookies or cake.


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Sep 20th, '07, 12:08
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by Wesli » Sep 20th, '07, 12:08

When I eat, I concentrate on eating. When I drink, I concentrate on drinking. :?

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Sep 20th, '07, 15:33
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by henley » Sep 20th, '07, 15:33

It's funny you started this thread because I fixed muffins, fresh fruit & tea (vanilla chai) for breakfast this morning.

We have "Cinnamon Roll Saturday" for our 4 yr old daughter & I'll sometimes make vanilla, cinnamon or English breakfast tea.

We also have tea party meals at least once a week so I'll fix lots of finger foods--turkey & cheese on toothpicks, fresh fruit, cheese & crackers, finger sandwiches, shortbread cookies, chocolates... basically whatever's on hand.


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Sep 20th, '07, 17:10
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by Cinnamon » Sep 20th, '07, 17:10

Remind me to drop in at your house sometime, Henley. ;)

Generally, I like scones with my tea.


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Sep 20th, '07, 17:24
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by xine » Sep 20th, '07, 17:24

I like scones with my tea- a traditionalist in the sense- Earl Grey or English Breakfast, as long as they're served with real clotted cream- mmmhmmmm!

My other favorite pairings are cookies (chocolate chip cookies) with Rooibos vanilla, and lemony treats with really malty, dark teas- I had a lemon and lime cream tart with a beautiful Assam at the World Tea Expo during a dessert and tea pairing class and it was magnificent.

Another unexpected pairing I was introduced to was certain cheeses with tea- I had a really creamy, yet pungent Asiago with a really grassy green- maybe a kukicha...very pleasant.

There is a certain beauty in tea and food pairings- really trying to find a tea that complements a food so well, like the respect given to wine and cheese/wine and food pairings.

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Sep 21st, '07, 10:40
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by xine » Sep 21st, '07, 10:40

Speaking of tea and treats, we just got a ridiculous amount of Mooncakes from Taiwan, in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival. YUMMMMMMM.... :shock: :D :lol:

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Sep 21st, '07, 12:27
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by CynTEAa » Sep 21st, '07, 12:27

MMMMM....Mooncakes! Very good with tea. Hoping for special delivery tomorrow, Xine! :wink:

A big ol' hunk of dark chocolate goes great with black teas and of course cookies for sure!

Darjeelings are great palate cleansers - so the sweetness of whatever it is doesn't overwhelm your taste buds. But I'll drink tea with just about anything. :D

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Sep 26th, '07, 21:04
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by augie » Sep 26th, '07, 21:04

Sugar wafers . . . sugar free sugar wafers if that makes sense.

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Sep 26th, '07, 21:15
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by Chip » Sep 26th, '07, 21:15

CynTEAa wrote:A big ol' hunk of dark chocolate goes great with black teas and of course cookies for sure!
...now you are speaking my language.

Definately dark chocolate with any tea...cookies will do in a pinch.

Sep 27th, '07, 10:13
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by Mocha Wheels » Sep 27th, '07, 10:13

CynTEAa wrote:cookies will do in a pinch.
my opinion differs from chip's. i have some rooibos tea cookies dusted w/ cinnamon sugar that i absolutely love!

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