Tin suggestions

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Jan 31st, '13, 14:26
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Tin suggestions

by Vermont Cathy » Jan 31st, '13, 14:26

Hi there. Once I try all the samples I bought, I'll be buying larger quantities and will probably buy some tins. I like the Adagio-logo ones, but also some colors, and having different colors would help me tell the teas apart before I look at the labels (i.e. I could put green tea in the green tin, maybe fruity in red, maybe black tea in the Adagio-logo tin). So I suggest you sell groups of 3 tins that are different, rather than all three being the same. Thanks!

Feb 5th, '13, 11:16
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Re: Tin suggestions

by Arshness » Feb 5th, '13, 11:16

I agree and would add that a whole rainbow of tins would be very nice. Then maybe a second set with a pattern on each color or some such.
I know where you could get a good deal on new tea-tin art.
(Says the illustrator) but seriously, you need more tea tins available so we can sort our tea collections and know which is which. ^^

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Feb 5th, '13, 14:00
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Re: Tin suggestions

by Vermont Cathy » Feb 5th, '13, 14:00

You know what's strange, though? If you go to drugstore.com and search on adagio, you'll see they sell tins full of tea. The tins have the adagio logo and yet they are in different colors for different teas (pale green for white tea, etc.). Comparing the price of loose tea plus empty tins on the adagio website, it seems a little cheaper to order from Adagio. But the best option would be if it was all available on the Adagio web site.

white tea tin:


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Sep 29th, '13, 15:29
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Re: Tin suggestions

by AlexZorach » Sep 29th, '13, 15:29

I would also like a smaller sample size of tins.

Adagio currently sells the smallest size as 4 ounce tins.

I love the old mini-tins that Adagio used to sell samples in. It's a mystery to me why they don't still sell them. I loved these old tins and would probably buy them (or would place orders for samples, which I also enjoy) if they were available (or if samples were still sold in them).

As a side note, it is also very hard to find tins on your site. I don't know how to navigate to them from "Teaware", although I was able to find them with a search.

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