First order from Adagio

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Jan 31st, '06, 18:32
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First order from Adagio

by mijako10 » Jan 31st, '06, 18:32

My very first order arrived this afternoon. I was very impressed upon first glance. Nice packaging and I absolutely love the little sample tins. And I got the free Guide to Tea book and I didn't even put it in my shopping cart. I had read through the "free book" thread and thought I wouldn't be getting it (at the time of my order I didn't know you had to put it in the cart) but I did! So than you very much for that, Adagio.

I ordered the ingenuiTEA teapot and three samples (White Peony, White Tangerine and Hojicha).

I opened the sample tins and was very impressed and delighted by the look of the leaves. The white teas had big leaves and I could actually see the tiny hairs on the leaves. All the teas smell wonderfully fresh.

While boiling water for the White Peony I ran some water through the ingenuiTEA and squealed in delight when the water came through. (Getting tea in the mail is very exciting for me ^_^"')

I brewed the white teas according to the instructions given by Adagio and at first taste I thought the White Peony tasted a lot like a very high quality green tea. However, after a few more sips the true flavor of the tea came through. The flavor is beautiful. So subtle and fresh. (By the way, this is my first time tasting an unflavored white tea.) The White Tangerine is equally astounding. The clean citrus taste backed by the white tea is so refreshing.

The Hojicha reminds me of Genmaicha and Ti Kuan Yin Oolong and has a very nice kind of smoky, roasted smell (which makes sense seeing that it's roasted).

Anyways. I'm so happy with my order and I'll definitely be ordering from Adagio more than buying from Teavana in the future.