Allergen Information

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Feb 28th 11 10:28 pm
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Allergen Information

by Capella » Feb 28th 11 10:28 pm

I sent Adagio an email today about listing allergens, but I thought I'd ask TeaChat if anyone else is concerned about the issue as well. I'm sure I'm not the only TeaChatter with a food allergy.

I like that Adagio lists ingredients on their teas. When I look at chocolate chip, I see "black tea, natural chocolate flavor, dark chocolate chips". This is helpful, but it isn't quite sufficient for allergen info. For example, is the creme flavor in the cream tea dairy or non-dairy? Is there dairy in the caramel flavoring? Etc. Changing it to something like "ingredients: black tea, dark chocolate chips. Contains dairy." would make the risk of sickness more apparent without requiring allergic customers to email the company with every new tea.

I know that some allergens are really obvious, like nuts in a hazelnut or almond tea, but dairy can be stealthy, because I've seen teas with dairy where you wouldn't think it would be (like in a vanilla) and tea that doesn't have dairy where you think it might be (in a chocolate hazelnut).

Anyway, does anyone else think Adagio should list this? Does anyone know other companies that list allergens? I know Bigelow has an FAQ that addresses the fact that some teas are labeled Kosher Dairy, and I've seen more than one brand label themselves gluten-free.

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Mar 15th 11 5:02 am
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Re: Allergen Information

by rabbitsib » Mar 15th 11 5:02 am

I work in the food industry and as a general rule if you are allergic to dairy, peanuts, etc and the company does "not" have a label out then don't count it being safe for you.