HEB photos?

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Jun 23rd, '11, 12:40
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HEB photos?

by michael » Jun 23rd, '11, 12:40

Our organic tea bags were recently added to HEB shelves, and we unfortunately won't be in the area until late August to see them. Might anyone have an HEB store nearby and may post a few photos on this forum to provide a preview? Thanks in advance!

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Jun 23rd, '11, 19:16
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Re: HEB photos?

by iannon » Jun 23rd, '11, 19:16

HEB..is that the Texas supermarket chain? i know we have some Texans here!

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Jun 23rd, '11, 20:47
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Re: HEB photos?

by tortoise » Jun 23rd, '11, 20:47

iannon wrote:HEB..is that the Texas supermarket chain? i know we have some Texans here!
Yes, it's in Texas. Maybe elsewhere, but I haven't seen them in any other state.

Sep 3rd, '11, 13:09
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Re: HEB photos?

by Missdekitty » Sep 3rd, '11, 13:09

I'll have to take a picture when I go to HEB again. I was completely surprised and happy to see the familiar Adagio bags and bottled teas there. I purchased the citrus green tea, the mango tea, plus two of every bottled tea they had. I was doing the happy dance all the way home. :D

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