Is my ingenuiTEA faulty

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Aug 1st, '11, 22:00
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Is my ingenuiTEA faulty

by dangerous » Aug 1st, '11, 22:00

Yesterday I received my Adagio ingenuiTEA (which I actually bought through amazon). The filter is actually allowing through some small bits of tea - much bigger than the size of the holes in the filter. Could the filter be in the wrong position? I was under the impression that the metal filter was non-removable ... and my hands are too big to fit into the teapot to try anyway.

Thanks in advance!

Aug 2nd, '11, 14:25
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Re: Is my ingenuiTEA faulty

by ChristineAdagio » Aug 2nd, '11, 14:25

If the bits of leaf getting through are bigger than the holes in the mesh, then the filter may not be sealed in properly. Only the 2010 and earlier models have a removable filter. You have 30 days to return/exchange with Amazon, which is what I would recommend.

Aug 9th, '11, 01:26
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Re: Is my ingenuiTEA faulty

by dangerous » Aug 9th, '11, 01:26

Hi again,

I got a replacement from Amazon (US) but this one also is letting tea leaves through. I am guessing Amazon got a dodgy batch. Is there any way I can get a replacement from Adagio under the manufacturer's warranty? It seems ridiculous to go back to Amazon for a third one as I think it's fairly likely it will have the same issue and as I'm in Australia it's expensive (for them anyway) to keep sending it back and forth.

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Dec 2nd, '11, 21:18
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Re: Is my ingenuiTEA faulty

by sencha » Dec 2nd, '11, 21:18

Is it really true that the latest models have a filter that cannot be removed (even by force)? If so, why?

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