New Site Design

We're always open to a little constructive criticism.

Nov 22nd, '11, 09:40
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New Site Design

by Mote » Nov 22nd, '11, 09:40

I love it, it's great. The new design style is really pleasing to the eye and the new layout is just as easy to navigate as the old one.


What's going on in the Signature Blends section? There's no longer any way to browse. Unless I'm mistaken, it would appear you're stuck looking at the top dozen teas in just a few categories: the newest blends, staff favorites, and customer favorites. It seems to me that it's become nearly impossible to create a blend that can do well without necessarily having to be a monster seller. Old teas that were relatively popular but not in the top tier can now only be found by people who have already had them.

I'd like to see something similar to the list on the left-hand side of the old Signature Blends section. Does anyone else feel the same?

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Nov 24th, '11, 00:24
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Re: New Site Design

by Amaikokonut » Nov 24th, '11, 00:24

Personally I'm less than enthused by some aspects of the new site design; it just seems a bit...bloated to me. I don't really like having to scroll so much to find the tea I want when previously I could just pick one from a list. This is especially apparent on the flavors page, there's a lot to scroll though. But this is coming from someone who has been buying from Adagio for years and generally I know exactly what I'm looking for; perhaps this new layout is more enticing for newcomers or something. And I will admit the teaware pages look very nice with the new layout; it's very well organized into its separate categories (glassware, ceramic, etc) and not so much scrolling is involved. Maybe if they has a similar way of organizing the other tea sections, like breaking black teas up by region or flavored teas into fruits/spices/desserts and so on, it would be a bit less overwhelming.

...But all that aside, I agree that the blends section needs that old select-ability. I get the feeling they're still working on that aspect though, since if you land on a page listing a user's blends, that old sidebar is back, but it sort of runs into the blends list, example. So maybe it's still a bit under development (or maybe we're not meant to access blends lists per user at all and this is left over stuff, I dunno).

Nov 27th, '11, 11:45
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Re: New Site Design

by Karl » Nov 27th, '11, 11:45

I had lag issues with the old design. The new design is more responsive and quicker, but...

I can no longer edit favorites. They're listed in my profile though.

To view all comments, you have continuously scroll down in the comment section. I just hold the end key, but I have to wait until they all appear. I like to search reviews, so this is a hassle. Please add sort by rating as the old design had.

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Nov 27th, '11, 19:18
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Re: New Site Design

by Dresden » Nov 27th, '11, 19:18

I am also missing the list on the left side of the screen. It made it so much easier, IMO.

Dec 1st, '11, 20:01
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Re: New Site Design

by Karl » Dec 1st, '11, 20:01

Here's the link you want
It seemed to have disappeared and not found anywhere on the site.

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Dec 2nd, '11, 21:20
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Re: New Site Design

by sencha » Dec 2nd, '11, 21:20

Dresden wrote:I am also missing the list on the left side of the screen. It made it so much easier, IMO.
I agree. Plus all the teas are jumbled up now, instead of being sorted by samplers at the top, then regular teas, and then flavored. I definitely liked the side list better.

Although I guess this is better for Adagio, as it shows pictures of all the teas on one page, enticing people to look at/buy teas they might not otherwise click on in the previous design.

Dec 7th, '11, 06:42
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Re: New Site Design

by mokie » Dec 7th, '11, 06:42

I could get used to the new design. I can't get used to not being able to log in, though. Firefox keeps telling me the page isn't redirecting properly and to enable cookies, even though cookies ARE enabled.

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Dec 9th, '11, 01:48
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Re: New Site Design

by ilya » Dec 9th, '11, 01:48

Thanks for the feedback. As you can probably tell, the website is still being worked on extensively and we hope to bring it up to our vision in the weeks ahead. We lost some functionality in the blends section, but rest assured we are working on different sort options and hope to have these in place soon.

Feb 1st, '12, 17:57
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Re: New Site Design

by Karl » Feb 1st, '12, 17:57

Is there any way for me to review free items that I received? I was able to do that before the new site design. Also I can't see my reviews like before unless I manually look for them.

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Sep 13th, '12, 10:57
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Re: New Site Design

by Devoted135 » Sep 13th, '12, 10:57

I'm wondering if there was ever a solution implemented for this browsing issue? I'm new to Adagio, but have already noticed that I can only find the blends that are either super popular or super recent. Is there a master archive somewhere?

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