Wow - Fast shipping

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Dec 17th, '11, 22:15
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Wow - Fast shipping

by JCFantasy23 » Dec 17th, '11, 22:15

I have to say I'm delighted with how fast the package arrived. It's been a few years since my last order. Back then it was tins and I was dreading the bags a little from browsing the forums, but when I opened the box I liked the design of them.

I ordered it Tuesday and it was here by Saturday with the free shipping ground option...complete surprise to find on my doorstep today, figured it would be at the end of next week. :) Thanks for the quick, great service Adagio.

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Dec 18th, '11, 18:20
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Re: Wow - Fast shipping

by Jspigs » Dec 18th, '11, 18:20

I agree that the shipping is very fast. I generally get it 1-4 days after it is shipped. Most commonly 1-2 days. I also feel that the flat rate shipping price is very reasonable.

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Dec 30th, '11, 17:56
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Re: Wow - Fast shipping

by Dinahsaur » Dec 30th, '11, 17:56

My last order contained a (snarky) little card from Adagio saying, "Aren't you glad you live close enough to us that your order arrives in 1 day?" It cracked me up and is still on my fridge.

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