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Feb 6th, '13, 10:42
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Mention that custom blends don't count towards free shipping

by Vermont Cathy » Feb 6th, '13, 10:42

Hi there. I just placed an Adagio order, and it was over $50 but it wasn't giving me free shipping. After much experimentation with my cart, and searching the Adagio website (to no avail), I realized that my blend wasn't counting towards free shipping. I thought maybe it was because I'd gotten an email encouraging me to purchase my blend, and the email said it would be $8 instead of $10, but that special price wasn't the reason. I put other people's blends in my cart and they, too, didn't help towards free shipping.

This isn't a huge deal, but I feel it should be mentioned somewhere prominently, so that people aren't incredibly confused. It took me quite a while, adding and removing things from my cart, to discover the issue.