Do Not Discontinue Apple Tea!!

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Oct 14th, '13, 22:39
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Do Not Discontinue Apple Tea!!

by Arshness » Oct 14th, '13, 22:39

WHY? Why would you discontinue Apple tea? It's delicious! It's my favorite tea! Please don't discontinue it!

;______; Adagio I love your tea but this is going to make me cry.
You don't want to do that do you Adagio??

Oct 18th, '13, 10:49
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Re: Do Not Discontinue Apple Tea!!

by Kris_Adagio » Oct 18th, '13, 10:49

Please, no! Don't cry! We know many of our customers have grown attached to some of our teas. However, the sales of our apple black tea were not convincing enough for us to continue carrying it. We hope you'll consider exploring other similar options, like chamomile or other fruit-flavored black teas. Our customer service team would be happy to assist you in picking a suitable replacement. Shoot us a line at to get started!

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