Coconut Black Tea Flavoring

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Nov 16th, '13, 11:23
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Coconut Black Tea Flavoring

by mcrdotcom » Nov 16th, '13, 11:23


just a question regarding the favoring that goes into the tea!

I got a free sample of coconut black tea with my last order and I noticed it contains "natural flavoring" and coconut pieces. So instead of just using coconut pieces, Adagio has added some sort of extract?

Hope someone can answer this question :)

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Nov 16th, '13, 15:52
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Re: Coconut Black Tea Flavoring

by Chip » Nov 16th, '13, 15:52

I am sure they do. This is common practice, add pieces of said fruit, etc. And then add flavorings. The pieces often do little for the flavor of the tea and are more for aesthetics, marketing.

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