Irish Breakfast

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Jun 16th, '05, 09:40
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Irish Breakfast

by romy geissler » Jun 16th, '05, 09:40

I ordered a bunch of samples of teas, as i am quiting coffee.
I have loved tea and collected tea pots sice i was a child.
i ordered the irish breakfast and iwhen started drinking it i noticed i started feeling a bit nausious, so i figured it was due to my empty stomach.
the next day i ate. same thing
i didn't want to go back to coffee, so i tried again the next day, and i vomitted all over my kitchen floor!
it was awfull.
what could have done that? tannin?

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Jun 16th, '05, 11:08
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by chris » Jun 16th, '05, 11:08

Thanks for the note.

It probably is the tannins, but it could be some other allergic reaction. Has this happened with any other teas? Are you adding anything to the tea (milk, honey, sugar, etc)?

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Jun 16th, '05, 11:24
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by romy geissler » Jun 16th, '05, 11:24

i've added no other ingredients. it has not happened with any others.
i also have green w/ ginseng
i thought it may have been thwe caffeine. but it wasn't that either.
i tell ya, i've had a similar reaction to other teas. only hot. and not so violent before this. so i don't know.
thanks for your concern.

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