Proper method to clean IntelliTea~

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Jul 7th, '05, 19:55
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Proper method to clean IntelliTea~

by Kislanya » Jul 7th, '05, 19:55

I am new to tea drinking, specifically green tea. Received my green tea samples and IntelliTea infuser but cannot figure out the proper way to clean the filter. It's starting to get a stained look to it and also appears to have a divet or indentation on a small part of the mesh.

I gently remove the leaves when done and then continue to rinse with filtered water until there is no residue but is there anything I can do to prevent any bacteria growth?

Any information would be appreciated...Kislanya

Jul 30th, '05, 00:29
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by Daniel S » Jul 30th, '05, 00:29

I haven't noticed any bacteria growth on mine. I just dump as much of the tea leaves as I can into the trash, then rinse out in the sink until the leaves are flushed. Also let a bit of water run through the dispenser in the bottom and throw out the excess water. Lastly, I let the thing sit with the lid open overnight to make sure it airs out completely.

I haven't tried destaining my intellitea yet, but I know with my glass Mikado pot I am able to quickly destain it by mixing very hot water with baking soda (and lemon juice as well if you have it - not required, but it helps). The baking soda really knocks the stains off right away. Use an old toothbrush or some other cleaning utensil to wipe off the rest of the stains.

Jul 30th, '05, 08:53


by kislanya/Vikki » Jul 30th, '05, 08:53

Thanks for the reply. I have been doing about the same thing as you recommended. I do use a tiny olive fork to carefully get out the leaves and rinse it thoroughly. Leaving the lid up does help to dry it. Wiping with a small piece of paper towel on the insides speeds up the drying as well.

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