Rooibos in Bags

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Jul 31st, '05, 13:06

Rooibos in Bags

by KC » Jul 31st, '05, 13:06


I'm new to Adagio. I recently made a purchase that included several samples of tea. I find that, however, I drink my tea mostly at work.

At work, the loose teas are little less convenient. Are there plans to carry the rooibos teas in bag? Am I just too and I missed the rooibos in bags?

Thanks so much!


Jul 31st, '05, 22:19
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Loose Tea vs Tea Bags

by Ron F » Jul 31st, '05, 22:19

I can understand your plight.I have recently started to discover the benefits of Rooibos and am trying several ways to brew the loose tea.
You may want to get some paper filters from Adagioteas and continue to use loose tea.After much research I am suspect as to the quality of teas used in tea bags.
Other alternatives are 1. Find a Chatsford Tea Mug with their wonderful plastic and fine mesh infuser.This infuser is great and can handle the fine Rooibos tea

2.Get an EZ Teapot See

Hope this helps. Just one man's opinion.

Aug 1st, '05, 09:49
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by jzero » Aug 1st, '05, 09:49

The "Roll Your Own" teabags work quite well, and they are great at work because you can hand loose tea samples out to those poor souls who don't have the necessary equipment. Adagio and other vendors also sell teabags which are the same loose teas in mesh bags (as opposed to the dust found in "normal" tea bags).

I actually always bag rooibos because I always get "escapees" even in my best french press.

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