Adagio, You Did It Once Again!

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Feb 7th, '08, 17:54
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Adagio, You Did It Once Again!

by Ladytiger » Feb 7th, '08, 17:54

I'm trilled with my second tea pruchase from Adagio. I just love my inginuitea and the samples that came with it! Two suggestions though.
1) Ounce markings on the inginuitea- It would be nice to have ounce markings on the side of this product so that I don't need to measure the water out with another untensil so I can make enough for one cup.
2) Tape sample tin lids closed- I recieved a sample on the Valentines tea with my order and it was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in the box outside the other collection of samples and it came open in transit. I think it would be nice to have those samples taped shut to pervent this from happening.
And that's all! I hope that you take these suggestions into consideration!

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Feb 7th, '08, 18:14
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by xine » Feb 7th, '08, 18:14

Hi Lady! I'm glad to hear you received your order safe and sound- hope you're enjoying it and thanks a bunch for the feedback!

Thank you for the suggestions as well- I will pass them along. Most often the sample tins stay put and sometimes the tape looks unslightly on the tins, but of course once in a while they will become undone. The ounce markings is also another great suggestion, I usually find that I fill up a separate measuring cup with water and then pour it into the ingenuiTEA (well, pour it into my tea kettle, then into the ingenuiTEA).

I hope you're enjoying a cup of tea right now! I'm freezing and settling down with some oolong in celebration of the new year... :)

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Feb 8th, '08, 09:39
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by forkyfork » Feb 8th, '08, 09:39

I usually make 8 oz with my Ingenuitea, and I just measured it in the beginning and drew a line on with a sharpie.

Although, now that I think about it, it might be useful just to have tiny white markings all along the side in 2 or 4 oz increments. I don't think it would destroy the look of the product and it would be very helpful :)

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Mar 3rd, '08, 13:34
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by caradrake » Mar 3rd, '08, 13:34

Padre gave me an ingenuiTEA with markings for 4 and 8 oz, so when I purchased a second ingenuiTEA, I did the same thing. Measured water in a measuring cup, then poured it into the ingenuiTEA and used a sharpie to mark the line. It's very helpful!

ETA: So I definitely support the ingenuiTEAs having lines that mark the water level :)

Mar 25th, '08, 15:50
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by cmonz » Mar 25th, '08, 15:50

I had the same thing happen with my sample, it was some vanilla one and everything in the box smelled like vanilla(it's fine now though)

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Apr 2nd, '08, 17:28
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by jazz88 » Apr 2nd, '08, 17:28

I hate shopping so I shop online as much as possible and I have to say that Adagio's delivery times and service is by far the best! I just received a new shipment and I ordered it yesterday! And the timing was just perfect: my daughter said "How about a cup of tea?" And the very same moment the door bell rings and that's the shipment from Adagio - that was really funny.

Also the labels for the Signature Blends are nicely printed. To have a custom label and a custom blend for that price is pretty remarkable!

Thanks Adagio!

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