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Feb 10th, '08, 13:41
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by TimeforTea » Feb 10th, '08, 13:41

I know I might be suggesting work for someone... but as a newbie, I would love to see a tea web site with some sort of glossary!!!! Sencha? guiwan? tisane? matcha...? :?
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Feb 10th, '08, 13:51
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by scruffmcgruff » Feb 10th, '08, 13:51

Well, a few of us are currently working on a little project (started by our very own bhale):

It's still in its infancy so it won't have all the answers, but it's growing.

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Feb 10th, '08, 14:37
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by Sam. » Feb 10th, '08, 14:37

I love Wikipedia and can spend hours on it just browsing around and learning new things about the world so this is definitely a great idea and I can't wait to see it grow!

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Feb 10th, '08, 15:49
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by TimeforTea » Feb 10th, '08, 15:49

This is great!! :D

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Mar 9th, '08, 12:01
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Re: Glossary

by TimeforTea » Mar 9th, '08, 12:01

teapages wrote:I have some of this info. on my website too:

The Tea Pages

The site is also on the new side and will become more comprehensive over time. But, it has some info. to get you started.
Katrina, what a lovely tea site you have!! It is so nicely organized, and I adore your style of writing. Thanks for aharing your link. :D

Mar 12th, '08, 00:40
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by rodstnmn » Mar 12th, '08, 00:40

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Mar 13th, '08, 10:14
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Re: glossary

by TimeforTea » Mar 13th, '08, 10:14

rodstnmn wrote:Here's one you could try: ... ossary.asp
Sweet!!! A tea dictionary!!! :D

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