sample tins number of cups

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Sep 16th, '05, 20:46

sample tins number of cups

by Caletara » Sep 16th, '05, 20:46

It says that each sample tin makes 10 cups of tea, but if each cup of tea uses 1 tsp of leaves, how does that add up?

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Sep 16th, '05, 21:07
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by Dronak » Sep 16th, '05, 21:07

If there are 10 cups/tin and you use 1 tsp/cup, then it follows that there must be 10 tsp/tin.

A sampler tin contains about 1oz of tea.

I'm not sure what you're asking for though. If this doesn't answer your question, please clarify it and maybe I or someone else can give a better response.

Sep 16th, '05, 21:12

by Caletara » Sep 16th, '05, 21:12

Right, but even though ive only made 3 cups of tea from the sample, there seems to be more than ten cups in the sample.*G* not that im complaining, but I just want to make sure im doing it right!*L* something just doesnt add up.

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Sep 16th, '05, 21:24
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by klemptor » Sep 16th, '05, 21:24

I've found it makes a huge difference as to whether you use a cooking (measuring) teaspoon or a flatware teaspoon. I personally use a measuring teaspoon because the amount of leaves a flatware spoon can accommodate varies by flatware pattern.

That said, tea leaves don't fit perfectly into the spoon, so I allow it to be rounded. (I think I'm pretty much rehashing something that was discussed in another thread recently - you may want to look at the other threads for more info.)

But the most important thing is that you like the cup of tea that your measurement produces!

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Sep 16th, '05, 21:26
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by Dronak » Sep 16th, '05, 21:26

If you're just scooping with a teaspoon and not trying to be exact, there will be some variation in the amount of leaves you use from cup to cup. This could result in an extra cup or two. Plus I think somewhere around here they said that the actual amount of leaves in the tins vary a little. It's supposed to be about 1oz, but maybe you'll have more than that, depending on the size of the leaves going into the tin. I wouldn't worry about it too much, especially if you're on pace to get more cups than you expected. If you were going to get significantly less than expected, then I'd be worried if I was doing something wrong. I think you're fine. :)

klemptor, you might have said something like this in response to my recent question in another thread. I use a regular dining teaspoon because I thought I read/heard that it was designed not to hold a measuring teaspoon, but to hold the right amount of tea leaves for a cup of tea. *shrug* I think a measuring teaspoon would hold less leaves, I'm not sure though, and I might get a weaker brew than I'm used to, so I'll probably stick with the dining teaspoon.

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Sep 16th, '05, 22:20
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by ilya » Sep 16th, '05, 22:20

Since the volume of the sample tin is fixed and the density of the tea varies between variety, the 1oz/10 cups is an approximation. Some teas yield more, some less. But we think it produces enough to get a good sense of whether you'll enjoy it :)

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Sep 16th, '05, 22:58
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by Dronak » Sep 16th, '05, 22:58

Yes, I think that's a fair sample size. It's cheap, only a few dollars, and approximately 10 cups should be plenty to decide how much you like (or dislike) the tea.

I'm glad you have these ~1oz sample sizes, too. I generally prefer variety over quantity, so being able to buy a lot of different teas in small quantities is great for me. My first order included 30 samplers and I had 4 from the link rewards program, so I've got 34 sample tins right now. If I find some tea I particularly like, I may get a 4oz size of it, but for now, I'm satisfied with buying a bunch of samplers.

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Sep 23rd, '05, 00:15
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by PeteVu » Sep 23rd, '05, 00:15

im almost certain that i put too little tea into my pot, but at the end of the day, my enjoyment is all that matters.

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