Darn you Adagio

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Apr 13th, '08, 15:47
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Darn you Adagio

by Orange Crush » Apr 13th, '08, 15:47

Lesson of the day: after placing an order, wait until you need more tea before going back to the website.

I placed an order last week, wednesday I think, and a couple of the teas I wanted were not in stock. Oolong 40, and I think wuyi and maybe ti kuan yin. Just for the heck of it, I checked them again today, and of course, they're all there. So now you're going to get even more of my money!

Note: this isn't a complaint in any way, just an example of my typical bad luck :evil:

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Apr 13th, '08, 18:46
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by daughteroftheKing » Apr 13th, '08, 18:46

Internet tea...it's a dangerous place. :lol:

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