Adagio ? - Cross Contamination on Berry Teas

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Apr 22nd, '08, 15:37
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Adagio ? - Cross Contamination on Berry Teas

by ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 22nd, '08, 15:37

I am considering ordering some Berry Blast Tea for my son, but he is allergic to strawberries. The description of this tea indicates that it contains no strawberries, but I'd like to make sure that it doesn't run any cross contamination risks with your other berry teas that do. I imagine that it wouldn't, but I just want to make sure. Thanks!

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Apr 24th, '08, 20:33
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by daughteroftheKing » Apr 24th, '08, 20:33

ThinkingOutLoud -- Since you haven't heard from Adagio on this thread, you might try emailing them directly at

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Apr 24th, '08, 22:14
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by Mary R » Apr 24th, '08, 22:14

Yes, please do e-mail Adagio.

While many Adagio reps--Ilya, Xine, and CynTEAa, to name a few--do often peruse the forums, it is possible that they may miss very important threads like this one. It's a lot easier to do than you might think.

If you--or anyone out there in cyberspace--have a question that you really do need timely feedback on, e-mail Adagio. You can even do it through their homepage. Chances are it will be either Xine or Ilya who will get back to you, and they'll very likely do it within 24 hours.

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Apr 25th, '08, 00:20
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by ilya » Apr 25th, '08, 00:20

Not sure if I can give you a simple answer. We use the same machine to blend all the teas, and although the machine is cleaned between each batch, there is a possibility of contamination, albeit slim.

I think the answer depends on your son's allergy severity. If a small piece of strawberry will send him to the hospital, I would be cautious. However, if his allergic reaction is not severe, I see no problem in ordering any non-strawberry tea.

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Apr 25th, '08, 00:27
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by Wesli » Apr 25th, '08, 00:27

/me wonders if the Firefly pilot would still have been numinous, had Jewel Staite been allergic to strawberries.

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Apr 25th, '08, 09:10
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by ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 25th, '08, 09:10

Thanks all! I think I'll avoid it. Bummer. I'm now beginning to wonder about any of the teas. He's allergic to just about everything (I'm *not* kidding). I think I will email Adagio to explore further ....

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