Adagio donates to Chinese earthquake relief

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May 21st, '08, 11:10
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Adagio donates to Chinese earthquake relief

by chamekke » May 21st, '08, 11:10


Just wanted to give a big loud Bravo to Adagio, after spotting this image on their homepage.

From their Earthquake Relief page:
China's most devastating earthquake in three decades killed over 40,000 people on Monday, with the toll likely to soar as authorities struggle to reach casualties in large areas cut off from relief.

Adagio Teas will donate 5% of all Chinese green tea sales for the month of May to earthquake relief.
That's so wonderful! I love it when businesses are this caring. (One of my favourite used-kimono sellers, Ichiroya in Japan, has donated 100000 yen - approx. $1000 - to Medecins Sans Frontieres to help with disaster relief in China and Burma.)

Well done, Adagio!