Have you ever...

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Oct 27th, '05, 14:25
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Have you ever...

by teaspoon » Oct 27th, '05, 14:25

...had a strange reaction to your tea?

In class today, I took a sip of the Pumpkin Spice tea that I'd brought with me in my little travel cup, and it was so good that I wanted to hug my tea. I know this is strange. But it just tasted so good at that moment.

Am I the only one that has freakish reactions to the glorious taste of tea? Anybody else?


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Oct 27th, '05, 15:14
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by Marlene » Oct 27th, '05, 15:14

Oh yes I have indeed! My first order from funalliance was a gaiwain, and Kam had included a sample of his Dragon Ball tea. I brewed it up in my gaiwain, and my first sip floored me! I wanted to dance! Even now I often recomend this tea by telling people it's almost as good as sex! *giggle*

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Oct 28th, '05, 01:43
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by teamuse » Oct 28th, '05, 01:43

actually i have had a reaction like that...

and to a restaurant iced tea as well...jasmine green tea at Noodleism in Austin. omg i was ready to hug the waiter. in fact...if that same waiter is there...he will bring us "to go" teas cuz of the tealove
we tried to get him to sell some to us...but no dice, we just know it is from taiwan

but i have had moments where a tea, just hits that happy spot :D

Oct 28th, '05, 15:44
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by Daniel S » Oct 28th, '05, 15:44

Watching a Kurosawa film while sipping some green tea gives me an almost zen-like feeling.

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