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Nov 6th, '05, 23:25
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Any Interest in an "Alchemy" section in the forum?

by teamuse » Nov 6th, '05, 23:25

I remember way back when...Adagio had an alchemy blending option...which while I never used and it was rather short lived...must have been a beast for the packaging folks.

I was wondering if there was enough interest to get an Alechemy section in the forum for people mixing their own get some sharing and suggestions going.

What you think?

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Nov 7th, '05, 02:19
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by ilya » Nov 7th, '05, 02:19

The alchemy blending is a pain to impliment, but a feature we really like. We have taken it down because there was a bug in the code, and because the holiday season does not allow us the luxury of this time-consuming option.

I'm sure we will resurrect that page sometime in early January.

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Nov 7th, '05, 09:48
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by Tadiera » Nov 7th, '05, 09:48

Oh! I'm sad I missed this when it was around now. That sounds like a lot of fun. :)

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Nov 7th, '05, 09:51
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by teaspoon » Nov 7th, '05, 09:51

I'd definitely be interested in a forum like that! I like playing with blends, though it was easier at work with a whole range of teas at my fingertips ;)


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Nov 7th, '05, 12:13
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Finding the Alchemists

by Madam Potts » Nov 7th, '05, 12:13

I am so glad you brought this up. I got into tea by becoming an alchemist FIRST, and so for me I would love to find other people who are into creating their own blends and to share ideas and inspirations!

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