About International shippings

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Nov 13th, '05, 20:56
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About International shippings

by Marian_luvt » Nov 13th, '05, 20:56


First of all I want to say Thank you to Adagio because when i have a problem. I always have received a response from you, and this is very important for a happy customer.

I have written some e-mails to you about my order that I haven´t received yet. But this a suggestion:

I'm interested in find what happenned with my package? where is it? who have it? and if I want to claim to my national shipping service I can't because I don't have the track number.
Why not try to use FedEx or UPS instead of USPS (in this last case because the contact here in Mexico is the Mexican Postal Service and it isn't very reliable that's is my problem)

I hope I could receive my package.
Thank you for everything guys. I hope you could help me.

PS. I'm sad because I want to taste some of those teas I order and that I didn't give the gifts. :(

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Nov 14th, '05, 20:33
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Thanks for the info

by Marian_luvt » Nov 14th, '05, 20:33

Thank you so much for your info. Maybe in another purchase I could specify my delivery company. I hope someone could confirm me if FedEx, deliver to Mexico I think yes but :?: . That would be a solution for this problem.

Imagine, I selected for the order my first earl grey, white tea and green tea because, here in my country isn't common drink specialty tea son when i discovered Adagio was really like discover a treasure. O
For my family selected an herbal sampler and 4oz. of strawberry (They really like it). Ohh! :cry: and I remember my Adagio book, specially created by Chris because I select the offer that said that it will be autographed, and now we don't have any.

I'm sad and angry at the same time. (not with Adagio) but I will try to find it.

I want to make another purchase, and maybe should exist a solution for this terrible problem.

Thanks again, LadyArden
Greetings from Mexico


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Nov 15th, '05, 09:47
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Contact: chris

by chris » Nov 15th, '05, 09:47

Unfortunately, FedEx is only available to us for domestic shipping (within the US). While FedEx does deliver outside the US, we're not yet priviledged enough to have this service.


Sorry about the emoticon,

Adagio Maestro

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