Mac timer

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Nov 16th, '05, 15:00

Mac timer

by Guest » Nov 16th, '05, 15:00

When is the tea timer going to be released for the mac? I want to use it at home, not just work.

Nov 17th, '05, 08:20
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by mrcan » Nov 17th, '05, 08:20

Speaking of the timer, I wish that it had a favorites tap to get to my favorite teas faster.

Nov 18th, '05, 10:21
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by jzero » Nov 18th, '05, 10:21

I saw a Tea Timer Konfabulator widget. That ought to work on the Mac, but I'm not sure how good it is. It's in the Konfabulator gallery.

Nov 19th, '05, 10:22
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by mrcan » Nov 19th, '05, 10:22

I found a program that works really well on the mac.

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