Bizrate irritation

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Oct 29th, '08, 05:17
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Bizrate irritation

by treazure » Oct 29th, '08, 05:17

Question 1: Why did Bizrate appear immediately following placing an order with Adagio?
Question 2: If I put them down as spam to be immediately killed, will I miss important Adagio e-mails?
Question 3: Do I have to be ready for BizSpam every time I place an order with Adagio?

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Oct 29th, '08, 10:52
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by geeber1 » Oct 29th, '08, 10:52

Treazure, I have gotten the Bizrate survey a couple of times, but didn't the last time I ordered, maybe it's random?

I'm sure that you can decline the survey and still get emails from Adagio, since Bizrate is just a rating service and isn't part of Adagio.

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Oct 29th, '08, 11:00
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by Chip » Oct 29th, '08, 11:00

I don't know whether Adagio pays for the Bizrate survey/rating system, but they likely derive some benefit from it since Adagio is highly rated. You can decline, it is just a rating service.

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Oct 29th, '08, 14:20
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by treazure » Oct 29th, '08, 14:20

That is good to hear, thank you both! I loathe any applications or websites that farms information "to better serve you," even flying under a friendly flag. They had a marvelous offer of 6, 1 year subscriptions to magazines - of course there was a handling and service charge and they wanted my credit card account info so they could auto-charge it next year after the "free" subscriptions had ended.

I might be old but not so old that I don't see through that "free" offer. Grr

Yeah, I know Adagio's servers started tracking my purchases with my first order (yesterday!). That's OK. I have a lot more confidence in Adagio not feeding my order info into a spambot than I do in Bizrate and others of their ilk. Seeing as since the Bizrate thing my spam filter has caught 137 spam e-mails since last night, when my usual nightly spam in that account was in the mid 70's, it looks a little suspicious.


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Nov 1st, '08, 01:48
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by ilya » Nov 1st, '08, 01:48

We only use BizRate to allow people to independently rate our website. There are no downsides from not completing the Bizrate survey. However, if you want to see Adagio's current rating, check it out.

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Nov 1st, '08, 04:42
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by Victoria » Nov 1st, '08, 04:42

Wow, congrats Adagio!

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