Reconsider your method of stocking tea

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Nov 13th, '08, 22:26
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Reconsider your method of stocking tea

by Cher » Nov 13th, '08, 22:26

I appreciate the fact that I receive teas from Adagio quickly, and I really do love your teas. However, I'm noticing more and more frequently that I have to wait a considerable amount of time for the size that I want to return to stock, so the quick ship times don't really matter in the long run.

For example, I just received a shipment of twelve samples this week. After trying the teas, I decided to buy six of them. I planned to buy the smaller sizes (the 2 to 4 oz "half" cannisters) because I don't consume enough tea to buy the larger size. When I went to add them to my cart tonight, NONE of them were available. However, they were available in the larger sizes. My order would have come to $95. If I want to buy those teas today, I have to spend $170 on way more tea than I really want.

I think it's silly that there are pounds and pounds of tea sitting in your warehouse getting older by the day, and people who want to purchase it right now have to wait. I'd rather lose a day in shipping time if you would be willing to pack the cannister fresh that day. Just my two cents.

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Nov 14th, '08, 02:06
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Contact: Vulture

by Vulture » Nov 14th, '08, 02:06

I have noticed this as well and agree with the complaint. Some items like the 'now available tea chest' is not even in stock on the west coast while the reverse is true about their new tasting set. I think it would be better to have a way to still order the tea just be warned/notified of a higher wait time/cost.

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Nov 14th, '08, 10:26
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by xine » Nov 14th, '08, 10:26

Hey guys- sorry for the inconvenience! We pack a small amount of each tea in their tins so it is ready to be selected while packing all our orders. However, we are running low on small tins, which explains why the smaller sizes are out of stock. We also have certain amount of smaller tins, larger tins reserved for particular teas, since we know we sell a certain amount of particular teas.We package our tins nearly daily, so be aware that the teas are not sitting on the shelf growing stale! Our tea ladies come in the morning to package teas that are sold throughout the day.

As for the out of stock/availability issues, we do have a separate California warehouse, which receives stock after our main HQ (here in NJ). We are awaiting some larger shipments to arrive (our Indian teas just came in, as well as the graviTEA) and then we will be shipping a huge load of stock to our West Coast warehouse, where they will be fully stock for the holidays. It saves us time to ship in larger containers across the country, as opposed to smaller packages. It also saves us to ship to West Coast customers from that CA warehouse in UPS shipping costs, therefore passing along the shipping savings to our customers. I hope this information clears up any misunderstanding!

If you are a West Coast teachatter and have already an account set up with us, I can arrange to have our tea chest and graviTEA pitchers sent to you. Please PM me if you are interested. :)

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Nov 14th, '08, 10:42
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by geeber1 » Nov 14th, '08, 10:42

I haven't had so much trouble with ordering tins of teas but refills.

I've never hit the Assam Melody when it's available as a refill and not as a tin. Even though it's only 50 cents less to refill, I'd rather not have more tins around than I can fill.

Last time I wondered why they couldn't just dump a tin full of tea into a bag and ship it out?

Nov 15th, '08, 10:02
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by Cher » Nov 15th, '08, 10:02

Hi Xine,

Thanks for the response. Do you have any estimate on when the small tins will be available? You mentioned that you only sell a certain amount of small tins for certain teas. Can you clarify which ones those are? And does that mean that you have to sell out of bags and large tins before we can purchase smaller sizes?


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