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Nov 22nd, '08, 05:35
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Suggestion for website

by treazure » Nov 22nd, '08, 05:35

I'd really like it if Adagio would put ratings in the tea descriptions, like brisk/astringency, body, aroma, with more stars meaning more of that taste/mouth feel. Harney and Sons does it, which I like so I don't end up with a tea that is as astringent as salt peter or gargling with witch hazel.

The only other thing is that I'd love it if you list all the teas/ingredients in your flavored teas, as well as adding the date it was mixed. It isn't on the label of the teas I bought, but the vanilla, caramel and rum flavored black tea I bought tastes more like rooibos than anything else, despite trying more tea, less tea, hotter water, cooler water, standing on one leg clucking like a chicken, the whole deal. I really don't like the taste of rooibos. Really really.