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Dec 6th, '05, 17:00
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I'm surprised Mike B hasn't already said this...

by teaspoon » Dec 6th, '05, 17:00

Chris, darling, you seem to have been in a hurry to publish the December Tea Muse... I'm not usually picky, but there are a couple of little errors in your Best of 2005 article, and they kinda stick out.

First, in the blurb about Numi's display teas, you said of the packaging: "they come really cool specially designed dark mahogany bamboo cases," and I think you're missing a preposition in there somewhere...

The other one is in the part about the triniTEA. When you say "I was a bit weary" perhaps you did mean what you wrote, but from the context, I think you meant "wary."

I'm not trying to be a pest, but I just thought you might want to take a look at your article. Maybe I should be an English professor when I grow up, after all...


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Dec 6th, '05, 17:46
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by chris » Dec 6th, '05, 17:46

Dear Prof TSP (My dear editor):

Geez! Why didn't you tell me that before i wrote the article?

As you may have been able to guess by our absence lately, Adagio's getting slammed by orders and we're all going a little nuts!

And poor, poor Mike B sounds like he's on his deathbed after a viscous phlegmball attack, so his editorial acumen may be slightly impared. Thanks for filling in!

Will change soon,

Adagio Maestro

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Dec 6th, '05, 20:55
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by teaspoon » Dec 6th, '05, 20:55

LoL I was beginning to worry about where all the regulars had gotten to! Your attendance, young man, has been slack at best. Heehee just kidding. I figured it was a busy time, what with Christmas for the Adagio staff and finals for the student types. I hope Mike B gets better soon!

~Prof. tsp

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Dec 7th, '05, 09:11
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by Tadiera » Dec 7th, '05, 09:11

I have been present!

As have Klem and Alicia. We count as regulars, do we not?

As for Chris' grammar problems, I think it may have been a plea for help. He missed Mike enough to slip a few errors in to try to lure the grammar nazi back to us.

"No tea for you! Come back one year!"

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Dec 7th, '05, 09:14
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by teaspoon » Dec 7th, '05, 09:14

I stand corrected, I should have said some of the regulars. "All" just sounds so much more dramatic... LoL ok maybe not.


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Dec 7th, '05, 10:03
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by klemptor » Dec 7th, '05, 10:03

Tea nazi! I love it!

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