Please offer one pound bags of tea.

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Dec 17th, '05, 17:13

Please offer one pound bags of tea.

by KingofSC » Dec 17th, '05, 17:13

Other internet vendors offer this option at a price of $14/lb. Looking at your pricing schedule this looks doable. Why don't you try it with some of your better sellers?

I'd rather buy from Adagio. :mrgreen:

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Dec 17th, '05, 17:33
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by vbguy772 » Dec 17th, '05, 17:33

I've found that many of the teas here are offered in 16 oz bags. Of course since Adagio offers quality teas many of them will cost you more than $14 for the pound. I paid $32 here at Adagio for 10 oz of the Keemun Encore. It was money well spent.

If you haven't tried any of the Adagio teas I urge you to do so. At the moment I'm sitting here sipping a wonderful cup of White Tangerine. I drink the blacks, oolongs and whites.

Look around the site. It's been my experience that many of the Adagio Teas are available in 1 pound bags.

Happy sipping,


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Dec 17th, '05, 17:43
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by LavenderPekoe » Dec 17th, '05, 17:43

16 oz = 1 pound. I believe most of the teas are available this way.

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