A review for Adagio

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Jan 15th, '09, 02:16
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A review for Adagio

by Trioxin » Jan 15th, '09, 02:16

Today I received my order from Adagio. A while back I'd won a gift certificate in a tea ware competition and am offering up this review as my way of saying thanks.

My order consisted of some Grapefruit flavored black tea (one of my favorites for iced in the summer) and a couple of boxes of fill yourself tea bags for work since brewing is next to impossible. The tea itself is as good, if not better, than any flavored tea I've had. Very nice aroma, and considering there be chunks of real fruit, the flavor is spot on. Also included with my order was a free sample of the Aquarius blend. Can't say its my cup of tea, but still a very nice gesture.

What really impressed me more than anything is Adagio themselves. There was no delay in sending my order, and it was at my doorstep three days after ordering, everything professionally packed with very little chance of damage, and top notch communication to boot. I can't tell you how many items I've ordered off the internet, but Adagio is the first to send me an email letting me know the order has been delivered. A very nice touch. The tea comes contained in a very sturdy airtight tin. How they've managed to keep prices so low while still using these tins is rather impressive to say the least. It kills me to just dump it into another tin, but my OCD tells me that all my tins have to match.

In summery, I can't find a single thing to complain about. Thank you Adagio for the gift certificate and excellent service. I will be ordering again.

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Jan 16th, '09, 08:57
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by neowolf » Jan 16th, '09, 08:57

Delivery times really are one of the standout things about Adagio. I've never had an order delayed from them, it's always arrived three days after I order it.

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