Bravo for Adagio!

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Feb 9th, '09, 21:17
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Bravo for Adagio!

by CJluvsT » Feb 9th, '09, 21:17

I'm brand new to loose tea and I just got my IngenuiTea today along with a few other sample sets I bought. I can't belive how quickly they arrived! The teapot is so cool, and the tea was the best I ever tasted! (I had the Rooibos Jasmine.) I'll never buy another teabag in my life!!!! :lol: Way to go, Adagio!

Feb 10th, '09, 17:30
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 10th, '09, 17:30

That I's a different kind of tea. I would not like It because I do not like jasmine. That Is good for you though.

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