Problem with tea?

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Jan 7th, '06, 22:49
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Problem with tea?

by Snow on Cedar » Jan 7th, '06, 22:49

I just got an order of strawberry herbal tea, and it is very sticky and comes out in clumps...Is that normal? The Cherry doesn't

Jan 8th, '06, 19:04
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by Snow on Cedar » Jan 8th, '06, 19:04

Anyone? Why don't the site moderators reply to my questions? I have an entire tin of tea that I can't drink because I don't know if it is ok...does anyone know?

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Jan 8th, '06, 19:13
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by LavenderPekoe » Jan 8th, '06, 19:13

First of all, Site mods only work during the week. Secondly, I think it would be perfectly fine. Strawberries tend to be really sticky even when they are dried. I have some of the berry blues and it kinda sticks together. What do you think would be wrong with it? It is an herbal tea, mostly just dried fruit. Have you ever gotten dried strawberries? They all stick together.

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Jan 8th, '06, 19:29
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by cess » Jan 8th, '06, 19:29

The herbals I've tried have been a bit 'sticky' and do tend clump together - I haven't found it to effect the taste. I think if you give them a try you will find the same great taste as in the other Adagio teas.

Hope that helps and enjoy - give them a try.


Jan 8th, '06, 23:27
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Sticky tea

by Snow on Cedar » Jan 8th, '06, 23:27

Well I ordered a sample size and it wasn't sticky. Then I ordered a 4oz size, of both cherry and strawberry. Cherry is not sticky at all...strawberry is welded together...and I dumped the whole thing out on a plate and used a butter knife to separate it and found peanut shells in it...Is that normal?

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Jan 8th, '06, 23:37
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Contact: rhpot1991

by rhpot1991 » Jan 8th, '06, 23:37

I know that my strawberry and raspberry have had clumps stuck together, peanut shells doesn't sound right, are you sure that they are peanut shells?

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Jan 9th, '06, 00:41
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Contact: ilya

by ilya » Jan 9th, '06, 00:41

Occasionally, the herbal teas are a bt sticky. I think it depends on the humidity of the day we make the batches. The peanut shells, however, are a bit unusual. Please drop Chris an email at and he will be able to help you.


Jan 9th, '06, 09:34
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by Snow on Cedar » Jan 9th, '06, 09:34

Yes, I'm certain it was a peanut shell. I even asked my husband to be certain I wasn't off my nut (no pun intended)...I just want to know that it's ok to use.

Jan 17th, '06, 12:28
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By the way

by Snow on Cedar » Jan 17th, '06, 12:28

Just wanted to update you all to say that Adagio, as usual, was awesome, and fixed the problem right away! These guys are awesome...wish I had found them sooner!

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