Tea shop in HK

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Dec 8th, '08, 14:05
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Tea shop in HK

by Pettefletpluk » Dec 8th, '08, 14:05

I am new here and new to serious tea drinking as well :)
I am going to Hong Kong soon.
Does anybody know a good place to buy tea in HK? Any recommendation on which tea to buy? What about places to drink tea/tea rooms?

evy in holland

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Feb 3rd, '09, 13:44
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by MotoMike » Feb 3rd, '09, 13:44

This probably won't help, but might be interesting.

Once when I was in Hong Kong, (pre China reacquisition) I was out on the economy and noticed that there were countless shops with tea freshly brewed and sitting on a stainless shelf awaiting purchase. At the first one I went to, I bought a cup. It was served in a small glass. It was delicious. I could not speak Chinese, so made the purchase with sign language never knowing the name of the tea I had bought. Throughout the day, I bought probably 10 more cups of tea. Not knowing the name of the delicious tea, I tried to match the color. I never found a cup as good as the first, and I have to admit, some of them were terrible bitter concoctions. I was told later that I might have tried medicinal elixirs to cure any number of ills. I had one great cup of tea, a few good cups and some very odd and foul brews.

good luck

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