New Adagio Website!

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Apr 11th 17 8:28 pm
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New Adagio Website!

by Emily@Adagio » Apr 11th 17 8:28 pm

Great news, TeaChatters!

We've had a new Adagio retail website in the works for quite a few months, and we're happy to announce that it's nearly ready!

We just need one thing from you: Feedback!

Please take a few minutes to visit the New Site and let us know what you think.

Does anything look funny? Does anything not function correctly? Are there any features you think we're missing? Leave a post below and let us know!

Thanks in advance for your help!

May 3rd 17 11:07 pm
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Re: New Adagio Website!

by beforewisdom » May 3rd 17 11:07 pm

An outstanding improvement.

The CSS of the old site didn't work well with my combination of Linux and Firefox. Text would often overlap with other text or graphics. I would need to temporarily change my font sizes if I wanted to read a few parts completely clearly.

The new UI works perfectly well for me ( Linux Mint 17, Cinnamon, & Firefox 52.0.2.

Also a much more modern, professional, and slick look :)

Thank you!

May 12th 19 11:32 pm
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New Adagio Website

by byronWem » May 12th 19 11:32 pm

Great job on the new Website... looks fantastic... clean and easy to navigate. Best wishes - Colin

Oct 21st 19 6:38 am
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New Adagio Website

by EmileInido » Oct 21st 19 6:38 am

Thank you riversinger

Actually, there are testimonials on the website... homepage... lower left. They are dynamically generated on each page reload. Try it