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Jul 21st, '09, 17:31
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by geeber1 » Jul 21st, '09, 17:31

I think we should have taste-o-vision also!

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Jul 22nd, '09, 10:02
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Re: TeaChat update

by tea-guy » Jul 22nd, '09, 10:02

The new look isn't bad.

A couple caveats:
1) The large fonts make me scroll a lot more than I used to.

2) Some old [quote="name"] tags had their second quotation mark stripped, leaving the tags in the comment body and making it more difficult to read.

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Jul 22nd, '09, 14:28
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Re: TeaChat update

by Chip » Jul 22nd, '09, 14:28

FYI, there is a topic under Feedback for member comments. I would suggest posting member comments there so there are NOT 2 topics running. :idea:

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