Adagio Roots Campaign

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Sep 1st 09 2:41 pm
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Adagio Roots Campaign

by Andy » Sep 1st 09 2:41 pm

Hello TeaChat Community,

We have been working on a project for some time here at Adagio and are are thrilled to finally have it go live today. We're calling it the Roots Campaign and it is a chance for us, the tea community, to give back to the farmers who help to make this industry & community a reality. Over the years Adagio has had the chance to work directly with incredible farmers who have dedicated their lives to growing and harvesting the tea's that we all enjoy.
Starting today, September 1st, we invite you to take a behind the scenes look at the amazing stories behind these farmers & learn a little more about where our tea's come from. We will be featuring 1 farmer per month (for 12 months) from different tea-growing regions around the world.
As a way of showing our deep appreciation, Adagio will be donating 10% of the sales from the featured tea back to the farmer it was sourced from. This is really a unique chance for you to explore new tea's and to help show our farmers how much you appreciate their work.

For more info about this months farmer, please visit:

We hope that you will find this campaign as exciting as we do and appreciate your sharing this endeavor with anyone you know.

-Andy Uriarte

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Sep 1st 09 3:51 pm
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Re: Adagio Roots Campaign

by Victoria » Sep 1st 09 3:51 pm

Sounds great!

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Sep 1st 09 3:58 pm
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Re: Adagio Roots Campaign

by jazz88 » Sep 1st 09 3:58 pm

That's a great idea! Will be supporting as much as I can.

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Sep 1st 09 4:00 pm
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Re: Adagio Roots Campaign

by Chip » Sep 1st 09 4:00 pm

Sounds very interesting. I hope we can receive updates on the program's progress here on the forum.

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Sep 2nd 09 9:16 am
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Re: Adagio Roots Campaign

by boywoodhe » Sep 2nd 09 9:16 am

I Love the Idea!