Goodbye friends

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Feb 13th, '06, 09:04
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 13th, '06, 09:04


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Feb 13th, '06, 09:08
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by Tadiera » Feb 13th, '06, 09:08

This is what happens when my life becomes so busy I end up not being able to check in here.

Woe. :(

Will we find out where your travels are taking you, Chris? Will you still submit articles to TeaMuse?

Feb 13th, '06, 14:08

by Guest » Feb 13th, '06, 14:08

I'm not very good with words, as Mike B would probably agree, but i think this emoticon says it all. :cry: You will be missed, Chris.

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Feb 13th, '06, 14:09
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by PeteVu » Feb 13th, '06, 14:09

seems like a good time to forget to log on, eh? :(

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Feb 13th, '06, 14:53
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by Marlene » Feb 13th, '06, 14:53

i leave for a week, and this is what happens. *sob* You will be missed. You've got a full life ahead of you! live it to the fullest.

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Feb 21st, '06, 10:50
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by Parelle » Feb 21st, '06, 10:50

I'm late myself, having disappeared for a week. I haven't been here long, but I've enjoyed your posts and humor. Best of luck to you!

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