TeaChat updated

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What do you think of the new TeaChat interface?

Poll ended at Jul 9th 05 12:04 am

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Jun 9th 05 12:04 am
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TeaChat updated

by teachat » Jun 9th 05 12:04 am

As most of you can tell by now, Adagio has updated the TeaChat website. We have migrated to a more dynamic system and expect to be able to offer you many new options in the near future.

Unfortunately, we were unable to port the user information, so most users will need to re-register. :cry:

Ilya Kreymerman
Adagio Teas

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Jun 9th 05 6:04 am
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wrong vote!

by Marlene » Jun 9th 05 6:04 am

I voted wrong! I meant to vote thumbs up but accidentaly voted thumbs down!
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-Billy Connolly

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Jun 9th 05 8:42 am
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by chucky » Jun 9th 05 8:42 am

Fixed!! We can't have erroneous voting here, can we? :D

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Jun 11th 05 5:13 am
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Congratulations for your new interface

by Marian_luvt » Jun 11th 05 5:13 am

Hi! I only want to say thank you for your new interface, this is more attractive and simple to use. When I found Adagio the last year I visited the Teachat but it didn´t move me to register because the interface was boring for me, but now is different.

So that's why I voted thumbs up.

Jun 13th 05 10:08 pm
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by Bean » Jun 13th 05 10:08 pm

Love it! Thanks. :mrgreen: