Looking for Matcha Enthusiasts in SF Bay Area

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Jul 30th 15 4:31 pm
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Looking for Matcha Enthusiasts in SF Bay Area

by ksk » Jul 30th 15 4:31 pm

Hello, Everyone.

I am a TV producer in SF and producing a TV documentary for Green Tea/Matcha Boom in the World for TV Tokyo(Japanese TV Network).

We are going to show how Green Tea, especially Matcha become the popular drink and super food in the US and the World.

I am looking for someone who love Matcha to interview and film how they prepare and drink. The person or family drink several cups of Matcha everyday to enhance their health or use for cooking.
It is ideal if this person make Matcha from Green Tea leaves!
We are planning to do this filming between August 8-10 in Bay Area.

Please respond if you are interested.
(e-mail: kazueshirai@yahoo.com)

Thank you so much!