2008 Darjeeling unboxing

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Apr 28th, '08, 22:53
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by Wesli » Apr 28th, '08, 22:53

Well done, Ilya. That is one beautifully opened crate! :D

Keep up the pics!

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Apr 28th, '08, 23:44
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by Salsero » Apr 28th, '08, 23:44

Gotta admire anyone with tea tools that size.

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Apr 29th, '08, 00:46
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by Chip » Apr 29th, '08, 00:46

I always wanted one of those wood boxes...

Thanx for sharing Ilya.

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May 8th, '08, 21:06
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by shogun89 » May 8th, '08, 21:06

AWESOME!!!!!! thanks for sharing all those cool pics. Please do so again in the future. :D

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May 8th, '08, 22:33
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by Salsero » May 8th, '08, 22:33

shogun89 wrote: Please do so again in the future.
Ditto. I love this warehouse stuff. About a year ago someone posted an article about the process Adagio went through to get their own mixing machine and stats on the machine. I loved that, even though the article was from a third party source, not Adagio.

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May 9th, '08, 10:59
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by CynTEAa » May 9th, '08, 10:59

LavenderPekoe wrote:Great pictures. How is this crop? I really liked the last one I had (it may have been '06).
Very enjoyable. Light bodied, not too astringent at a 3 min steep. Sweet, floral, with a touch of fruit notes...yep, I like it. :)

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Nov 4th, '08, 11:21
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by treazure » Nov 4th, '08, 11:21

Here's a thought. Supposing Ilya decided to take a kilo of that lovely tea home with him, wrapping it securely in plastic wrap and for some reason or another he was pulled over. How would you go about explaining to the officer that it is Camellia sinesis and not Cannabis sativa?

Here's another thought...what if his car stash included Pu bricks? Ever heard of mushroom tea?

Oh I am wicked. :twisted:

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Nov 4th, '08, 11:50
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by Vulture » Nov 4th, '08, 11:50

Interesting, I didn't know how they mass mailed Tea. Seems just like a big wood box to me :P. Whats the wrapping between the box and the tea?

on a side note I tried this tea recently thanks to a friend and like it. Definitely be trying this new crop out!

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