About last night...

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May 31st 08 9:17 pm
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About last night...

by Chip » May 31st 08 9:17 pm

Edited 6/03/08: I have rephrased this since I was in Vegas for the Tea Expo when it happened and posted initially from there.

If anyone noticed on the IM of TeaChat last night (Friday, 5/30/08 )....

Identities of a few members were stolen by a few individuals who then proceeded to IM TC with foul material. The ID's of Ilya, Victoria, and myself were stolen and abused.

This will not be tolerated, future offenders will face possible disciplinary action up to possible banning from TeaChat.

Internet ID theft or even assuming the identity of another is a serious matter on any level. ZERO tolerance policy will become effective immediately on TC. Further security features will be added as well.