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Should the IM Chat window return to the side nav?

Poll ended at Aug 31st, '08, 00:27

Yes, I missed it so much
Yes, but only for registered users
No, it was a distraction
Total votes: 48

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Aug 24th, '08, 19:48
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by PolyhymnianMuse » Aug 24th, '08, 19:48

Salsero wrote:
PolyhymnianMuse wrote: how about a special section of the forum where anyone can post their questions or whatever even if they dont have an account.
Maybe TeaDay so we can hook in more innocent forum lurkers.
That would actually be a good place, probably the best next to creating another section.

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Aug 24th, '08, 19:54
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by chamekke » Aug 24th, '08, 19:54

Salsero wrote:Matcha Babe,
If you read Mary R's comments above about anons, she points out that they are almost always
1) frustrated people trying to sign up and wanting to know who to contact about problems,
2) members of the general public who want to know what they did wrong in brewing their tea.

Both are infrequent, but I think both are public services we should offer in the spirit of community.
Sometimes the late-night anons choose to post less benign things (e.g. racist comments). Perhaps that experience has shaped my response unduly. It's true that I haven't seen as much of that sort of thing earlier in the day.

Anyway, Mary's point is a fair one. If it's decided to include anonymous participants on IM, I certainly won't complain.

Edited to add an -s to the word Sometimes. Grammar nazi? Guilty.
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Aug 24th, '08, 21:50
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by Proinsias » Aug 24th, '08, 21:50

I don't participate in the IM but if you can't be arsed to wait 24 hours to post a question then it isn't worth posting, imo.

I'm not that keen to try and convert people, let those with no patience drink lipton green with boiling water.

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Aug 26th, '08, 12:06
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by Dizzwave » Aug 26th, '08, 12:06

I definitely missed it. I TeaChat at work, so need to be a little bit sly about it... :) and that big ol' chat page was just a little too conspicuous!

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Aug 26th, '08, 18:41
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by jogrebe » Aug 26th, '08, 18:41

Yep I agree to bring back and keep the chat window as part of the website to make it a truly alive tea chat. I also think you should limit it to registered users given the concerns for abuse as if somebody is not willing to be labeled by their username than they should not be able to use the service, just like AOL IM.

Aug 29th, '08, 08:58
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by laran7 » Aug 29th, '08, 08:58

Mary R wrote:I don't know if it's currently set up to only show for registered users or not. There's a lot of upsides to being registered only (mainly the absence of trolls), but it also excludes anons who are just popping by to ask a quick, legit question and eliminates immediate feedback to people who are having issues logging in or figuring out how to work the boards. And, hey, seeing actual conversation going on is good advertisement to new people checking the site out. In fact, I think reading some of Warden, Hop, EO, and Sal's conversations was what prompted me to de-lurk.
Before I became more involved - I came in as "Anon" to find out how - I would hate to deny someone else that avenue -
( good morning all)

Aug 29th, '08, 08:59
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by laran7 » Aug 29th, '08, 08:59

CynTEAa wrote:Yes! Been missing the banter in the corner. Makes the forum feel "alive."
I definately agree !

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Aug 29th, '08, 09:04
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by Sydney » Aug 29th, '08, 09:04

laran7 wrote:Before I became more involved - I came in as "Anon" to find out how - I would hate to deny someone else that avenue -
( good morning all)
Now that you mention it, my first TeaChat appearance was as anonymous right after ordering an Adagio green tea sampler set. Having gotten my toes in the water, I turned up as a user within minutes. And they haven't been able to get rid of me yet.

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Aug 29th, '08, 10:16
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by RussianSoul » Aug 29th, '08, 10:16

I showed up as Anon first as well. There was a problem with my signing up and LavenderPekoe helped me and directed me to Ilya.

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Sep 14th, '08, 21:19
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by JadeKitsune » Sep 14th, '08, 21:19

*thumbs up* I love the chat! Fun way to connect with fellow tea aficionados.

Well, fun way for this tea-lover to learn from those more knowledgeable in the art, and form deeper connections with other off-topic conversations. ;-)

Love the banter! Keep TeaChat IM!


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