Wooden Tea Chests!

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Oct 23rd, '08, 10:42
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Wooden Tea Chests!

by xine » Oct 23rd, '08, 10:42

Hey All! Just wanted to annouce the arrival of a wonderful gift item, our Adagio Tea Chest:


We offer the tea chest on its own for storage of your Adagio teabags, or along with teas. There are two selections:

The Gourmet Selection: five bags each of these six teas: English Breakfast, Green Pekoe, Jasmine, Chamomile, Pai Mu Tan, and Pu Erh.


The Premium Selection: The premium collection is comprised of these varieties: Golden Yunnan, Silver Needle, Wuyi Oolong, Dragon Well, Golden Monkey and Jasmine Bloom.

A nice gift for the teabag-drinker in your life! :D

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Oct 23rd, '08, 11:22
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by chamekke » Oct 23rd, '08, 11:22

Hi Xine,

Wow - that looks really handsome :)

May I make a suggestion? It would be really great if you can include the dimensions of the tea chest in the description - especially the internal dimensions - for those who might be tempted to buy it on its own for storage.

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Oct 23rd, '08, 11:33
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by fencerdenoctum » Oct 23rd, '08, 11:33

I'm curious as to how many of each type of tea will be in the chest. I love the look of the chest, tea time would be like finding pirate treasure. Yar.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Oct 23rd, '08, 11:36
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by Victoria » Oct 23rd, '08, 11:36

That would make a very nice Christmas gift
for someone to get them interested in

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Oct 23rd, '08, 11:38
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by xine » Oct 23rd, '08, 11:38

Thanks for the posts, guys! I will get the dimensions once I get my hands on one.

Fence- there are 5 teabags of each variety of tea. :)

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Oct 23rd, '08, 12:04
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by xine » Oct 23rd, '08, 12:04

Ok, I have one in my hands. Lovely thing is is. Here are some measurements for inquiring minds:

the chest measures:

12 3/4 inches wide x 9 inches long x 3 1/2 inches high

Each 'cubby' for the teabags is:

3 3/4 inches wide x 4 inches long x 2 3/4 inches high/depth

Hope this helps! Thanks for suggestion Chamekke!

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Feb 1st, '09, 21:10
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by JCFantasy23 » Feb 1st, '09, 21:10

Oh, that's just beautiful. I got a tea chest for Xmas but a cheapie, nowhere near as nice as this

Feb 1st, '09, 22:05
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 1st, '09, 22:05

That Is pretty interesting. And nice looking. Handy to take up less room and to keep things organised.

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