New IngenuiTEA teapot

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Dec 8th, '05, 18:27
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New IngenuiTEA teapot

by ilya » Dec 8th, '05, 18:27

The ingenuiTEA teapots are selling a bit faster than we anticipated and the next shipment won't be in port until the end of December. This is just a heads up that if you are planning on ordering some as gifts, don't procrastinate.

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Dec 8th, '05, 18:46
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by Tadiera » Dec 8th, '05, 18:46


Now if only I had the money. ;)

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Dec 9th, '05, 08:42
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by LavenderPekoe » Dec 9th, '05, 08:42

The 16 ounce ones seem to be out already, but there are some 32s to be had now. I am sure you guys just decided to stop selling them by themselves so you could have them for all of the sets.

I wonder if I got a new one or an old one when I ordered the holiday set for a coworker. I should open her up and check it out when I get home tonight.

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Dec 9th, '05, 15:08
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by Libertatis » Dec 9th, '05, 15:08

oh no! :( I ordered a pot last week for a christmas present for someone i know..... I am very tempted to keep that one for myself now! :shock:

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Dec 9th, '05, 15:09
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by chris » Dec 9th, '05, 15:09

No worries... we're getting another shipment in within the next 2 weeks.

As a symbolic gesture for my empathy towards all the frustrated Adagio customers looking to buy it now, I'll be holding my breath until they arrive.

Deep breath,

Adagio Maestro

Dec 9th, '05, 15:35
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by jzero » Dec 9th, '05, 15:35

Alicia wrote:I wonder if I got a new one or an old one when I ordered the holiday set for a coworker. I should open her up and check it out when I get home tonight.
I ordered one for my brother and after reading a thread mentioning the new one, I opened it up and was pleased to see I got the "Mark II" as it were. Yay.

Jan 2nd, '06, 22:23

Ingenuitea pot

by cweave02 » Jan 2nd, '06, 22:23

I have given several as presents, and they have been loved more than any other gifit I have given in the last few years! Better than sliced bread!

Jan 7th, '06, 09:55
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by monsterprincess » Jan 7th, '06, 09:55

I received my IngenuiTea on Thursday and before I went to bed, I had ordered two more for gifts. What a great item.

I do wish it had some markings on the side - small cup, medium cup, large cup and great big honkin' cup or just ounces. If you're not pouring into a clear cup, it can be messy. :roll:

Jan 7th, '06, 12:13
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excellent idea

by Snow on Cedar » Jan 7th, '06, 12:13

Monster are a genius LOL I thought the same thing...markings would be great...I marked on mine with a sharpie, but I wish I hadn't had to.

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Jan 7th, '06, 18:40
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by Carnelian » Jan 7th, '06, 18:40

I am very excited to know that the ingenuitea has been updated, from the pictures it at least looks more visually appealing. I also agree that markings would be nice, I too used sharpie and I use mine so often the "permanent" marker has washed off twice

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