New line of Chais!

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Jan 31st, '10, 16:48
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Re: New line of Chais!

by teacast » Jan 31st, '10, 16:48

This is excellent, I know I'm late to post, but there's a whole untapped market of chai drinkers on the web that you can cater to :)

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Jun 3rd, '10, 16:43
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Re: New line of Chais!

by AlexZorach » Jun 3rd, '10, 16:43

Are any of these chais heavy on the cardamom? I usually make my own chai because I love cardamom so much, but I'd be interested in trying a commercial blend if it naturally has this sort of balance!


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Jun 3rd, '10, 16:56
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Re: New line of Chais!

by Mikael » Jun 3rd, '10, 16:56

Our chai has a strong cardamom taste but I don't know your preferences. I really like it though. :D If you try it let me know what you think. If you think your blend is better maybe you can send it to us to try out. Always looking to improve.

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