Scenting tea with flowers: DIY question

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

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Mar 28th, '10, 11:22
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Scenting tea with flowers: DIY question

by debunix » Mar 28th, '10, 11:22

Recently, I took a some whole citrus flowers and petals and mixed them with some nice Anji white tea. I put them in a double-lidded tin for about 48 hours, tea and flowers mixed together, then separated the now-scented tea leaves from the flowers.

But I hadn't counted on the moisture from the flowers rehydrating the tea leaves. Now I figure I have to drink them up quickly because I'm assuming the soft moist leaves won't last long without rotting. The scented tea is quite amazing, and will be easy to finish off in the next couple of days.

If I wanted to try this again, and to be able to hold the scented tea longer,
how should I go about it? Dry the flowers first, then mix with the tea? Heat
the scented tea to dry it again?

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Mar 28th, '10, 11:43
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Re: Scenting tea with flowers: DIY question

by Victoria » Mar 28th, '10, 11:43

Have you seen this video from Jing tea? I found it interesting.
After separating from the tea from the flowers, they re-roast, then
do this every morning for 5 days.
(The video is under the tab how to make)

I think I would try drying the flowers. :)

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