Teas for Summer

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Apr 21st, '10, 10:12
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Teas for Summer

by TeaforChrist » Apr 21st, '10, 10:12

Green Tea with Pear, or Black Tea with Mango is fantastic for brewing and using as summer iced teas. There is also a mission with Organic Fair Trade Teas, helping the farmers, and helping the poor and needy, while you enjoy awesome teas.

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Apr 22nd, '10, 16:53
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Re: Teas for Summer

by rabbit » Apr 22nd, '10, 16:53

You might also want to try iced mugicha, or (and I don't usually like flavored tea) iced raspberry ceylon.

Jun 10th, '10, 16:53
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Re: Teas for Summer

by PhoenixRising » Jun 10th, '10, 16:53

I really liked Adagios Citron green brewed up with lemon peel. It was excellent.

I brew it using the sun tea method.

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Jun 18th, '10, 21:54
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Re: Teas for Summer

by aya_s » Jun 18th, '10, 21:54

I had a pomelo fruit earlier this week and as an experiment I put large pieces of the rind into an airtight tin with some Japanese green tea. The tea absorbed the fragrance of the grapefruit and now I have very refreshing grapefruit green tea that I have been cold brewing in the fridge! (3 scoops of leaves to 4 cups cold water, leave in the fridge overnight)

The only slight hiccup was that I didn't realize how much the leaves expanded as they absorbed the grapefruit oils and moisture, so the first time I brewed it, I only used a scoop and a half, like I do for dry tea, and ended up with a very subtle brew.

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Jul 28th, '10, 19:24
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Re: Teas for Summer

by Katy1977 » Jul 28th, '10, 19:24

I enjoy Adagio's caramel rooibos tea iced, have made it by brewing first and also with cold brewing and it's delicious both ways. I use double the amount that I do when I drink it hot because I add a lot of ice. :)


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