Rose pouchong vs. rose congou?

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Oct 26th, '10, 16:59
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Rose pouchong vs. rose congou?

by mbanu » Oct 26th, '10, 16:59

Can anyone explain the difference between rose pouchong and rose congou?

Also, when were rose-scented teas popularized? Were they part of the Ming dynasty scented tea craze that produced jasmine, or were they developed later for the export market, like Earl Grey? (Or are they a modern invention, like most fruit flavored teas?)

Also, who are the makers? I'm told that most rose-scented tea comes from Guangdong, but am a bit fuzzy on the details... are there different quality grades, like with Jasmine?

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Oct 26th, '10, 17:06
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Re: Rose pouchong vs. rose congou?

by entropyembrace » Oct 26th, '10, 17:06

pouchong is usually a lightly oxidized oolong and congou is black tea so the tea that´s being rose scented is quite different.

I dont know the answers to your other questions, sorry.

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